Weekend gaming plan

I’m going to visit my parents who live in another city for the weekend and of course, I’m taking games with me.

The main attractions I’ll be taking are Africa and Puerto Rico. Africa for the kids, Puerto Rico for the adults. Of course, I’m planning to enjoy mightily the games of Africa I’ll play. As minor treatments, I’ve taken Vom Kap bis Kairo, Battle Line and 6 Nimmt. VKbK was specifically requested by my mother, Battle Line is an older favourite of ours and the kids simply love 6 Nimmt.

The people I’m playing with are my mother, her new companion Ismo and his children (three boys aged 7, 9 and 13 if I remember correctly). I’ve played many different games with my mother and Ismo: El Grande, Settlers of Catan, Tigris & Euphrates, Puerto Rico, Tikal (actually, it was Ismo who discovered Tikal first!) and Mahjong to name a few.

The kids are always eager to play, they are very excited whenever I come to visit them (I initially charmed the younger boys as I was pretty much the only one who was interested about their Pokemon cards). 6 Nimmt or "the bull game" as they call it is their latest favourite. Let’s see how they like Africa.

We’ve played Puerto Rico before; I think we played four games during the weekend, which is a good sign. It was well received as it was easy and elegant enough. I won every game, but the gap was smaller every time. I guess they’ll crush me this time 😉

We’ve always had games in our household, but they were usually played by just me and my brother. With the whole family we played mostly Trivial Pursuit and some card games. My father has never been that keen on games, but I’ve played lots of games with my mother. Earlier it was mostly Chess and then German games when I got into that. I’ve played lots of two-player Carolus Magnus with her, she’s pretty much the only one I know who likes it.

Expect sessions reports Monday!

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