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  • Grabbing chips left and right

    Grabbing chips left and right

    I played games with my game group after a long break. We played primarily familiar titles: Ark Nova, Krass Kariert, and Tyrants of the Underdark. However, we also gave a new game a try. Family Inc. is a Reiner Knizia title, published by Piatnik in 2021. Like many other Knizia titles, it’s based on an […]

  • Trendy zookeeping

    Trendy zookeeping

    I’m, of course, talking about Ark Nova, one of the hottest titles at the moment. Designed by first-time designer Mathias Wigge and published by Feuerland Spiele, Ark Nova has been very popular recently. A Finnish game store got a few dozen copies and sold them out immediately. I managed to secure a copy for myself […]

  • Escape Team

    Escape Team by Fabian Hemmert. I received a free mission pack voucher from the publisher. The Escape Team home page. Elevator pitch: Escape Team is an app-powered escape room puzzle game where you print out all the materials at home. What’s in the box? There’s no box! The game is an iOS or an Android […]

  • Top 10: 2012 games in 2022

    Looking back at 2012, ten years later, it seems like a decent year. It wasn’t hard to come up with a top ten. My top 10: 10. Keyflower. This is an exciting mix of weird auctions and worker placement, and the game works rather well with the whole range from two to six players. That […]

  • The Imperial Pearls

    The Imperial Pearls

    I wasn’t sure what to do about the latest Res Arcana expansion, Perlae Imperii. Then I saw it in the local game store and decided – why not! We haven’t played Res Arcana all that much lately, but I suppose the expansion is just the thing to get us back to artefacts, mages and monuments. We […]

  • Space merchants

    Space merchants

    Noticing that I didn’t play Merchant of Venus at all in 2021 made me eager to give it a spin. It didn’t take much to convince Nooa, and we played a game last Saturday. Since we’re experts – whopping three plays for both of us – we played to 4000 credits. It took us maybe […]

  • Top 10: 2017 games in 2022

    Looking back to the 2017 games five years later, it was a decent year. I’ve played about 50 games from 2017, and while the list includes some junk, there are several games I still own and play regularly. That’s something! My top 10: 10. Bärenpark / Azul. A tie between two decent tile-laying games. I’ve […]

  • First impressions: Lost Ruins of Arnak

    First impressions: Lost Ruins of Arnak

    I’ve been aware of Lost Ruins of Arnak being popular. A friend even offered his copy on loan at one point. I said no, because I wasn’t keen on learning new games, and we were busy playing Anno 1800 and Hallertau anyway. Now, another long-time gaming buddy showered praise on Arnak on an online forum, […]

  • Great Western Trail, expanded

    Alexander Pfister’s masterpiece Great Western Trail is still a rather good game. Last Wednesday, we played it with four players, which was a rare treat for me – I usually only play it as a two-player game. The four-player game is a good experience; the game flows so fast with experienced players, there’s hardly any […]

  • Uwe Rosenberg farming games

    Uwe Rosenberg farming games

    Uwe Rosenberg is a German board game designer with several highly respected titles in his ludography. If there’s a designer whose work I adore, Rosenberg is that. He has designed many games, but I’m particularly interested in his work around the farming theme and worker placement mechanism, starting from Agricola in 2007. This ignores his […]