The Sims — addiction is getting worse

Our Sims addiction is getting worse. That game is EVIL. It’s even worse than Civilization — at least Civilization had turns, so you could say oh, I’ll play just one more turn and then after n turns (of course you couldn’t stop right after the one, no way) you could stop. But The Sims just goes on and on… And if you’re getting bored with the game, there’s always the commercial expansions and the fan add-ins… Oh my. Wicked! But at least that’s time spent together, which is not bad 😉

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5 responses to “The Sims — addiction is getting worse”

  1. Hmm for some reason Sims didn’t really appeal to me. For a while it was fun since it seemed to be chock full of really silly situations. Like for example, the father in my family fell in love with the father living in the neighbour during the first evening. And the fact that when the burglar strikes, you can’t do shit unless you have the alarm. Otherwise you can just watch as the robber nicks your television 🙂
    Then again, what actually irritated me alot was the time setting the game used. I mean, i took me like two hours to walk around my house or something like that. It almost always happened so that when I had done all the necessary things (It’s been way long since I played this so I might remember wrong) like making food for the kids and so on, it was already time to go asleep and you couldn’t relax your family in any way. And if you didn’t do that, the family wouldn’t really gain anything at work or so on. Then again, if you spent your night reading books and watching television, you pretty much missed work all the time since you couldn’t wake up fast enough.
    Going to work/school was a pain too. If you set the alarm to ring in around 6am and you had to be at work in around eight then you totally miss the whole thing (at least I did). By the time my father had done eating his breakfast, the car for work was already parked outside and I usually barely made to it.
    My final hours with Sims was spent depriving the family all of their needs. I nailed shut the door to the bathroom, sold the beds etc so the father could sleep outside and so on.
    With the staggering amount of expansions for this game (I just can’t believe my eyes when I see yet a new expansion for this game) it seems some people probably find it enjoyable, but for me, I didn’t really find the thing to get addicted to.

  2. Well, we’ll see how soon I’ll get bored. Right now it seems interesting, but it is annoying how fast the time runs when you’re just walking around the house. They should be faster, those bastards.
    Of course, there are some interesting tactics to use — like the slave camp, where you have one good sim and seven slaves to fulfill the needs of the chosen one…

  3. yes i’ll agree that the sims are slow but at the same time if they were faster the time clock would have to move slower and you would spend even more time playing the game b/c two hours in the game would probably be a real two hours out here and just doing something simple like getting your sim to work on time would become like a two hour epic out here.

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  5. I can’t believe how addicted I got to The Sims. The insidious part about the game is the timing and pace at which your characters move. You have to plan multiple steps ahead in order to do what you want everyday you have to note the amount of time each activity takes and plan your schedule around it. I had to delete the game in total, Sims is like Crack for me. Although I’ve never been addicted to anything but tv, I found myself staying up all night living the Sims life to the point when I finally went to bed and woke up in the morning I felt like I was in the game. I only played the game for 2 days.