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  • XSkat – a new addiction

    I’ve got a new addiction. XSkat works in my phone, so I can crank out couple of skat deals in just a minute or two. Excellent! I’ve wanted to learn skat, but getting people to play it is difficult and games with all newbies are always a bit different. Now I can play against tough […]

  • St. Petersburg PC version

    Chris Brooks mentioned the St. Petersburg PC version. I downloaded it (it’s available at the Westpark Gamers website) and tried it. It’s neat, but the user interface looks like it’s done by an engineer and not a designer. However, it works — only thing I’m missing is the cards other players have bought. They are […]

  • Puerto Rico for PC

    Boardgameplayer links to the screenshots of the Puerto Rico PC game. The game looks quite pretty, but I hope the pretty 3d art isn’t the only way to play the game — it just doesn’t look that effective user interface. It’s pretty, that’s for sure. Well, we’ll see if we’ll even see the game outside […]

  • Superiority of computer games

    I’ve been playing computer games recently. The reason is my new computer and it’s better performance. I’ve been enjoying Silent Hill 2 (very scary), Neverwinter Nights (very Dungeons & Dragons) and watched Johanna play The Longest Journey. All are rather entertaining, but still — I like board games better. Of course, no board game is […]

  • The war is over

    My Steel Panthers game with Tommy (see This is war) is finally over. I believe there are no winners in any wars, and this was the case this time too: it’s a draw. I got more points, but that wasn’t enough. I got two of the four victory objective areas — I held three, but […]

  • The Sims — addiction is getting worse

    Our Sims addiction is getting worse. That game is EVIL. It’s even worse than Civilization — at least Civilization had turns, so you could say oh, I’ll play just one more turn and then after n turns (of course you couldn’t stop right after the one, no way) you could stop. But The Sims just […]

  • The Sims

    We, that’s me and my girlfriend Johanna, acted on impulse and bought The Sims after reading a good review of the The Sims Deluxe Edition from the newspaper. I know I’ve always been interested in simulation games, I’ve played various Sim Cities, Sim Ant, Sim Life, Transport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon, Theme Park… I can see […]