Top 10 list 12/2002

  1. Tichu (-)
  2. Puerto Rico (8)
  3. Die Macher (1)
  4. Mahjong (-)
  5. Africa (9)
  6. Princes of Florence (4)
  7. Die Händler (3)
  8. Through the Desert (5)
  9. Tigris & Euphrates (7)
  10. Canal Grande (-)

Bubbling under: Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers, Tikal, Lord of the Rings

Sorry, I almost forget the whole list… As you see, the top positions have been shaken a bit. Tichu fever has bit me, also Mahjong made an appearance after I played it last weekend. Previous number two, Web of Power, is straight off the list this month. That’s how it goes around here… This list basically reflects my mood, and that’s quick to change.

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