Games to play list 1/03

I calculated some numbers from game stats. First, I joined my 2001 and 2002 stats in a single Excel table to get more data to work on… I had this idea: I should do a list of games I like and haven’t played in a while. All I needed was a formula to get me a number to sort the games by.

Well, the formula is (10 * rating)*(0.4^games played 03)*(0.8^games played 02)*(0.95^games played 01) — so if I have a game that I’ve rated 10 and haven’t played in 2003, 2002 or 2001, it’ll get a score of 100. A game I’ve rated 8 and played twice in 2001 gets 72 and so on. So, here’s my top ten games I really should play in the first quarter of 2003:

  1. Adel verpflichtet, Through the Desert
  2. Svea Rike
  3. Rummikub, Samurai
  4. Die Macher, Fabrik der Träume, Java, Linie 1, Medina, Skyrunner, Torres

Well, not exactly ten or so, but anyway. The problem is, of course, that I only own Svea Rike and Die Macher of these. So, I suppose many of these will stay on the list in the next quarter, too. But, I hope that I’ll be able to play as many of these games as possible during this year.

By the way, on the bottom of the list, with value of 0 are Puerto Rico, Carcassonne and Lost Cities…

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2 responses to “Games to play list 1/03”

  1. Nice thinking!
    I used a slightly different formula — 10 * rating * 0.4^[2002 plays] * 0.8^[2001 plays] * 0.95^[2000 plays] — and I have concluded that I have a need of 0.0000000000000411047335499 to play The Settlers of Catan.
    Not much, but not zero…