Last night my lovely girlfriend Johanna requested a game while we were waiting for a TV-show to start. She wanted to play something new, so after a moment of browsing my collection, I chose Manhattan. I thought it was suitable: easy, entertaining, would probably work well with two, not too mean and playable in an hour.

It turned out to be a good choice. I know Manhattan can be quite mean, but the way we played it, it was relaxed enough. It wasn’t really a tight match: Johanna was in the lead from the first scoring and I never caught her again. That was fun and I’m quite sure we will play the game again later.

I should probably play the game a bit more — last year it got only one play. It’s perhaps a bit too mediocre, people rarely want to play. They’ll play, if someone suggests, but nobody usually does. Perhaps I should bring it out more often. At least I have fun whenever I play it.

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