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  • A Feast for Odin on BGA

    A Feast for Odin on BGA

    A Feast for Odin has been available on Board Game Arena for a while now. I’ve been mildly curious since it’s my favourite game. My interest has been diminished by the lack of The Norwegians expansion, which I’m very much used to, but the talk of playing solo games on BGA did sound fascinating. I’ve […]

  • Trains on an island: 1860

    Trains on an island: 1860

    We started the gaming year 2022 with a game of 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight. When doing my 2021 review, I noticed I didn’t play any 18xx games in 2021, which I wanted to fix in 2022. Better get started with it, then! My game of choice was 1860 because it’s my favourite […]

  • Monikers and Oath

    I’d call yesterday’s game night a success. After a couple of hands of The Crew: Mission Deep Sea – a failure, and then success at the same mission – we played a six-player game of Monikers. This is the best party game, in my opinion: a perfect mixture of roaring laughter and quick thinking. The […]

  • Altiplano and The City

    Altiplano and The City

    While my daughter is cheerleading, I’ve spent the time walking. Now that it’s cold and dark outside, walking isn’t as much fun, so I ended up spending the time in the local library, reading books or doing crossword puzzles. Then we realized my son could join me and we could spend the time playing games! […]

  • 1000 ratings!

    Board games, after a long break! The goal for the day was clear: reach 1000 BGG ratings.  Red is a new mini game from Carl Chudyk and Chris Cieslik. Play a card and/or change the goal. Only requirement? You need to be winning after your move, otherwise it’s game over for you. Fun little filler. Suggest. Pick-a-Pig was familiar: I’ve […]

  • Autumn game season roundup

    It’s the season for new games. Here’s a quick run-through of some recent titles. The long-awaited Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Deck-Building Game arrived, I translated the cards and we just played our first game. Interesting! Different enough from the new games, and the fans of the first game will like this just for the […]

  • EuroRails and Terra Mystica

    Finally some EuroRails! I’ve been wanting to play this game for quite a while now, but it’s not very good choice for our game group. We have limited time, so a four-player game at an hour per player just won’t do. Having less than four players is rare, and having more than five so could split […]

  • Ropecon 2013

    Ropecon, the largest non-profit roleplaying convention in Europe, was this weekend. I went there, again, as it’s part of my standard yearly con circuit, but this time I took my seven-year-old son with me. That meant less board games, but more other programme and a new view on things. It was fun! The highlight for […]

  • Train games aplenty

    JunaCon (“TrainCon”) in Turku was an efficient little con. I had booked a group of players willing to try anything, and we blazed through a pile of Winsome clamshells. Robber Barons is a family game with serious user interface issues, but if you can live with them, it’s actually pretty neat. I quite liked it. There’s […]

  • Qin, Coup, Dominion: Dark Ages

    Nice game session yesterday. I had to leave early so my wife could go visit some neighbours – in what turned out to be an Amway sales attempt. Ugh. Fortunately I got to start early, too, and got a good batch of games: Glory to Rome, twice with a newbie. I think I prefer more […]