Few games coming my way

I ordered Attika and Finstere Flure today (from Spielenet, I got an offer to join an order so large there are no shipping costs). Attika was a must-buy, while deciding over FF took a while. It’s cool theme and neat mechanics combined with a reasonably low price made the decision quite easy in the end.

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4 responses to “Few games coming my way”

  1. Over 200 euros, I hear. That’s at least the free shipping costs limit for Finland. I don’t know how many people are participating, but I don’t think that’s outrageous — we’ve had large orders before.

  2. Finstere Flure is on my list after that game we played at Helcon. Great fun, scales well from 2 — 6 (5?), plays rather short, great bits….a definite winner. I think I’ll even get Anja to enjoy this one!
    Attika has been sitting on my desk for two weeks now and I haven’t touch it yet! Grrr!!

  3. Okay, now I see Spielenet has a posted policy for order sizes that get free shipping. The only countries listed are in Europe, though I’ve emailed them to ask about the US. No response yet.