I wrote a review of Anathema. It’s in Finnish as usual.

Anathema is interesting game for me, mostly because of it’s art. Drew Tucker is one of my favourite artists and Anathema offers a deck full of his art! What a catch! The game is actually less interesting. It’s a very slightly changed version of traditional card game Casino. The game’s a bit luck-heavy, but makes for good light-weight entertainment. Anathema is at it’s best when played with just two players. Played that way it’s actually quite good. With more players, it’s less interesting.

Whether or not someone should buy it, depends on several issues. After all, it’s just a standard deck of cards with new (absolutely gorgeous) art and some game-specific information. You could well play Casino with a standard deck of cards. The experience won’t be the same, but the game is just as good.

Then again, if you haven’t heard of Casino before, it’s certainly worth checking out. At least I’ve found I play commercial card games much more than standard deck cards — having a specific deck makes me consider the games more often. If you are different and actually play lots of standard deck games, Anathema won’t be a good choice for you.

Last, if you’re a Drew Tucker fan, you should already own the game.

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