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  • Anathema

    I wrote a review of Anathema. It’s in Finnish as usual. Anathema is interesting game for me, mostly because of it’s art. Drew Tucker is one of my favourite artists and Anathema offers a deck full of his art! What a catch! The game is actually less interesting. It’s a very slightly changed version of […]

  • Bit more Anathema

    We had some trouble getting to sleep last night, so instead of trying to sleep desperately, we made some late-night food and played two rounds of Anathema. The game certainly works with two players. However, it feels a bit lucky — after all, many times the results depend on who plays a card first (say, […]

  • Anathema

    Check out Anathema, a Casino variant from APE Games. The card art is probably the best I’ve ever seen. But that’s no wonder, as it’s all done by Drew Tucker, who is one of the best artists I know. Check out his Magic card art, for example. There’s also a competition on the APE Games […]