Hammer of the Scots

I wrote a review of Hammer of the Scots in Finnish.

I think Hammer of the Scots is a first-class game. It’s pretty straightforward to learn, easy to play, doesn’t take too long and the theme is interesting. If you don’t like cardboard chits (I generally don’t), worry not, because the Columbia blocks are very pleasant to use and provide a level of fog-of-war (which is, however, very limited in Hammer of the Scots because of certain rules). The map is of low quality, as is the card art, but it’s all usable if not pretty.

Both sides of the conflict offer different challenges, which seem to be fairly even. The English are said to be slightly stronger and the 2.0 version rules which should be out any day now according to Jerry Taylor. You can preview the rules at Consimworld Hammer of the Scots discussion forum. I’m quite sure I’ll be posting a notice when I see they are available at the Columbia Games web site.

Wargame types might want to follow the Consimworld frontpage. There’s a RSS feed, too.

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