Today’s games: BSW and live

I played a game of San Juan at Brettspielwelt this morning. This time there were four players, so I got some feel of the game with more players. It works as smoothly as the two-player game, with extra thought required as in Puerto Rico. You must take your opponents’ strategies into account when you choose your role.

Today was also our afternoon games meeting. I started with two games of Tom Tube with Ari. Surprisingly, both games ended as draws. It’s a good game… I think I didn’t do enough blocking this time, we both had it quite easy. More blocking moves would make the game more interesting.

I hadn’t played Mamma Mia! in ages, so it was about time. We didn’t remove extra ingredients from the deck, which can be seen from the results: I made all eight of my pizzas, while Ari and Juho both got seven. Removing the ingredients is thus proven to be very important.

Then it was time for a round of general nastiness. Sticheln, that is. It was a pretty close game (usually I have taken a huge lead and kept it) and eventually Juho won, despite massive blunders.


Finally, I played a game of Go with Juho. I took a two-stone handicap and squeezed a victory, basically because of a messy (but really quite simple) life and death -situation in which I emerged victorious by killing Juho’s group. Woohoo, it was about time I won something!

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