Gmail accounts

I have few Gmail invites to hand out. If someone is interested, send a request to my Gmail account (msaari at Gmail) and tell me why you should have one. You’re guaranteed to get one if you have a boardgame-related blog. Invites I can send are limited, get yours while they are available.

Edit: they’re gone for now.

Edit 2: and then I get another five invites to hand out.

Edit 3: I haven’t got any, so please stop begging. It makes you look a bit sad, too. Go to invite spooler to get an invite.

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5 responses to “Gmail accounts”

  1. Hey,
    I sent you an email and am asking for a Gmail account. I would really appreciate one if you have any to spare! You may want to read the email I sent you also. Thanks for your time!!
    -Matt Tully

  2. Sup yall, man ive been on google for an hour now! searching for gmail accounts..i so need one dude!!if yu can provide one or know someone who can then email me or add me to msn messenger