Bug Bluff, Doom, Industrial Waste

I’ve been writing little game reviews recently. When I spend most of my time at the computer writing, that isn’t the most attractive way to spend my free time, right? However, now I just had to get these few games out of my system.

Bug Bluff — This must be one of the pretties card games I’ve ever seen. Too bad it’s not great fun to play. It’s a game of bluffing and reminds me of Finnish card game Valepaska. It’s good for light entertainment, but I prefer games of skill instead of psychological games. Poker is, also, quite superior psychological game compared to this. I’d still recommend this for someone who’s looking for light, fun game of bluffing. Review in Finnish

Doom: The Boardgame — It’s a big box full of goodies, but the game isn’t so great. The system is too heavy for occasional playing, it needs some real commitment. For someone willing to commit to the game, it’s the ultimate sandbox with a good mechanics that can be tweaked a lot. It has good atmosphere, but for me it’s just too long for what it offers. It ultimately feels like a waste of time. It’s definitely five-star material, but not for me. Review in Finnish

Industrial Waste — Well, you know how I feel: this is a very good game. It lacks some tension other similar games can offer, but in the other hand, Industrial Waste has fairly weak feedback loop. There’s little rich-get-rich, but there’s also less dynamic gameplay. It’s pretty much the same thing repeated until the game’s over, but hey, it’s a fun thing. I like Industrial Waste, but I can see why the game hasn’t such universal appeal. Still, it’s a must for fans of optimization games. Review in Finnish

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One response to “Bug Bluff, Doom, Industrial Waste”

  1. Hey, could I trouble you for your opinion of Industrial Waste vs Powergrid? I’ve played neither and I’m intrigued by both. Powergrid is ranked really high on BGG and when I read reviews, I keep feeling that the same negatives (i.e. endgame problems, feeling that the opening doesn’t matter much, disincentive to grow, etc) pointed out by the reviewers would drive me crazy. But I can’t tell for sure.
    Does I.W. get the nod between the two in your opinion?