Here’s a small puzzler for you. Mikko played some two-player games in the various board game events during the year with different people. Mikko played once against each person, different game with each player and only one game in each event. With the following hints, can you figure out which games Mikko played with who and when?

Players: Robert, Tommy, Reko, Olli and Stefu

Games: Roads & Boats, Memoir ’44, Battle Line, Ta Yü, Hammer of the Scots

Events: KinkkuCon, FinDipCon, Ropecon, Essen and Helcon

Times: 10:04 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:50 PM, 5:23 PM, 10:00 PM

(All connections with real individuals, games, events and times are purely coincidental.)

1. Roads & Boats is a very long game, thus it was started before 11 AM to get it finished.

2. Mikko met Robert in Essen just at the hour.

3. Mikko was late from train on his way to Ropecon, so he wasn’t able to start the first game before 2:50 PM.

4. When Mikko met Tommy, he was leaving for a wilderness hike at 2 PM, so they had to play their game before that. At Helcon Tommy was so busy organising the event that he didn’t have any time to play at all.

5. Mikko played Ta Yü with Olli. The game was scheduled on early morning, but got delayed — Olli didn’t wake up before 3 PM.

6. In KinkkuCon Mikko played Hammer of the Scots. Stefu, by the way, hates the game and doesn’t like Battle Line, either.

7. Mikko and Reko met in FinDipCon.

This should be enough. Answers can be sent to msaari at iki.fi for checking. Please do not post your answers in the comments here.

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