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  • DVD Sudoku

    I played a game of DVD Sudoku with Johanna yesterday (that’s something only an exceptionally good wife would do for her husband!) and wrote a review in Finnish on the other site. DVD Sudoku is one of the games featuring the biggest thing of 2005. This version adds another 2005 trend: a DVD. Can something […]

  • DVD Sudoku preview

    My entry on DVD Sudoku puzzled Alfred in one his Best of Blogosphere reports (I’m seeing my entries mentioned often enough, by the way — thanks for that, Alfred). So, maybe I should give more details, now that I was able to try the game? The box contains a board, 81 cardboard tiles, two-page rules […]

  • Puzzle

    Here’s a small puzzler for you. Mikko played some two-player games in the various board game events during the year with different people. Mikko played once against each person, different game with each player and only one game in each event. With the following hints, can you figure out which games Mikko played with who […]

  • The Games Journal

    Another issue of The Games Journal is out. Stefu’s puzzle from last issue was actually the most popular one in the Games Journal’s history! This time there’s an interesting puzzle, too: it requires matching components from the same game. I got nine without looking at the Geek, so it’s a pretty tough one.

  • The Games Journal is out

    The latest issue of The Games Journal is out. Check out the article on Ambition, Mike Church’s card game. I enjoyed the article very much and I’m certainly looking forward to reading the next installment. My friend Stefu has also created a nice Black Vienna puzzle. I solved it, so it can’t be very difficult, […]

  • Rush Hour

    I bought myself a Rush Hour puzzle set and all three extra card sets. It was a total impulse purchase, I just thought it would be interesting to try. I’ve tried Lunar Lockout, another puzzle from the same company and enjoyed that (that one is very much like Ricochet Robot), so I thought Rush Hour […]

  • The Games Journal

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. Spot the Component 1.0 is a tough game piece id puzzle. I think I have eight to ten figured out — of 32! Getting more right would take some investigation.

  • Sunda to Sahul pictures

    I took some pictures of Sunda to Sahul, they are available at my photo site. If you haven’t seen the game, go take a look because it’s pretty! No doubt it’s the best self-published game I’ve ever seen. Though, I noticed the scoring board had warped quite badly in a short time. That’s a minor […]

  • Ricochet Robot

    I’m addicted. Ricochet Robot is my favourite puzzle game. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to find opponents good enough, as it is a game where newbie has little chance against a seasoned veteran. The new brains simply doesn’t function fast enough compared to RR-tuned brains. Well, there’s a solution: Online Ricochet Robot. There’s a daily […]

  • New Games Journal is out

    Another issue of the fabulous Games Journal is out. There’s an interesting article about modifying games for the blind people to play and Greg Schloesser’s thoughts about writing bad reviews. There’s also an interesting Lord of the Rings: Confrontation puzzle I’m definitely trying to solve.