Finnish Game of the Year finalists

Finalists for the Finnish Game of the Year awards are out.

Children’s games:

Mighty Magpies (Harakkavarkaat) — Tactic

Geistertreppe (Kummitusportaat) — Marektoy / Drei Magier

Schatz der Drachen (Lohikäärmeen aarre) — Marektoy / Winning Moves

Family games:

Cranium CADOO — Danspil

Ticket to Ride (Menolippu) — / Days of Wonder

Verflixxt (Sellaista sattuu) — Amo / Ravensburger

Adult games:

Alhambra — Tactic / Queen Games

Bohnanza — / Amigo

Karibik (Karibia) — Marektoy / Winning Moves

Da Vinci Code got a special mention for being a particularly good one amongs the non-finalists.

My favourites: Geistertreppe, Ticket to Ride and Bohnanza. It should make an interesting competition this year!

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2 responses to “Finnish Game of the Year finalists”

  1. Bohnanza? I don’t understand. It’s at least 8 years old. And I thought Canada was slow to get German imports . . .

  2. Here’s a clue for you… Canada’s population: 32 million. Finland’s population: 5 million. There are no markets, thus no imports. It’s that simple.
    Besides: it’s not the age of the game that matters, it’s the quality…