Catan the Card Game

I played a game of Settlers of Catan Card Game yesterday with Johanna. I had to try it, since it was my translation. Believe me, the game plays much better with Finnish cards than with German cards.

However, I was a bit bothered with some of the cards… Few of them could use better translations. Well, can’t help it, and I don’t think it’s really an issue with anybody else, I’m just annoyed by some of them, they leave me wondering what the heck was I thinking… Of course, I never do any proofreading or think things twice, I’m that kind of guy, do it well once and you don’t have to go back to it ever again.

Anyway, it was fun, kind of. The game certainly dragged a bit and the interaction between the players is a bit too violent for us — Johanna discarded her arsonists fairly quickly and I wasn’t too keen to attack her wares either. That’s just not fun, not with her. I don’t mind beating my friends…

Despite the game’s surprising length (there the problem was, basically, that Johanna thought it would be a shorter game) and other issues, it was decent fun and Johanna actually told me she would like to play it again. We’ll see, as there are other games that are much better for us to play.

I was thinking about Alfred’s enjoying games stuff as he mentioned it recently, reminding me, and I asked Johanna about her feelings of the classification. It turned out she’s an imaginative gamer — not a really surprise. She’s not a fan of tactics and strategies, she wants games with interesting and evocative themes. She couldn’t bear playing abstracts, but loves Finstere Flure, for example. That was interesting.

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