Good service from Spiele-Offensive

I must say Spiele-Offensive gets a nod from me. I recently placed a big order (almost 600 euros) there, driven by their selection (Neuland being the biggest incentive, I mean, I thought the game was firmly in the unavailable, you’ll-never-ever-get-it category). Ordering and paying (with credit card through PayPal) was easy and their shipping costs are moderate (just 12 euros for the huge order).

Well, then I got a note saying that they had run out of Caylus and they would send the games about a week later. That would’ve been fine with me, after all even with their good availability information, things like that happen and it wasn’t a long delay, but then I get a message from the owner explaining the situation and he says that since the order was way past 20 kilos and he’d have to ship it in two parcels anyway, he’ll send the first 20 kilos now and the rest when they get Caylus, with no extra costs to me. That’s some seriously good service, if you ask me.

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2 responses to “Good service from Spiele-Offensive”

  1. €600? 20KG?? Good lord! What all did you purchase (other than caylus, that is)?
    (sorry, just saw this post now.)

  2. Well, let’s see, two Cayluses, Hazienda, Morgenland, Tongiaki, Memoir ’44 with Eastern Front, bunch of card games, Ta Yü, three Razzias, Rumis, Ubongo, Funkenschlag, Samurai, Catan, Klondike, Gulo Gulo, Schloss Schlotterstein, Neuland… total of 40 games.