Ghost Olympics

I finally got around and played Schloss Schlotterstein with Johanna. We dove straight in for the Ghost Olympics, a spooky five-event competition.

First up was Haunting Balls, where you must collect mysterious metal balls. I won that event, with a six-second margin. It’s a tricky event, as the balls react to the ghost very strongly. They can be hard to handle.

Second event was Spooks Slalom, which is an easy speed test. Johanna got that one, no doubt about it. I’m sure we both could do this one faster.

Third event was another speed game, The Spooky Circuit. In that one players must visit every room of the castle. Simple, but you can get stuck on doors or fail to realize there’s a dead end. Johanna won that one as well, with just few seconds’ difference.

Fourth up was the most interesting event, Haunt One by One. In that players get nine item cards which represents stuff that’s on the walls of the castle. You see them for a while, then they’re covered and you must remember them. You must also visit the rooms in correct order. This one we tied: we both got six correct on our first attempts and all nine correct on the second round.

Finally the Olympics finished with Spooks Treasure, another very good event, in which the players try to collect as many coins as possible in a limited time. Johanna won by one coin, thus winning the Olympics 4-2. It was fun, and Schloss Schlotterstein is definitely something I’m looking forward to play with a child. I wouldn’t mind playing with adults, either…

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