Thursday session: Agriculture again

Race for the Galaxy box

While waiting for our fellow gamers, we played a three-player game of Race for the Galaxy. This time everybody knew the rules and played fast and we were able to finish the game in just 15 minutes or so. It was a close one: the scores were 32-32-30, and I was able to win thanks to tiebreaker. I played military strategy this time and it worked well, I drew lots and lots of small windfall military planets. I also got few alien worlds and the six-point alien development to score the necessary points. Nice one.

Agricola box

Filling an Agricola table wasn’t hard. Five-player Agricola is deliciously tight, yet takes a bit too much time. A bit like Caylus, I’d say. This was another family game; perhaps next time I’ll introduce the cards, newbies or not. Most of the regulars have already played the game anyway.

It was a success, though, as people liked it. No wonder! Olli H. played an excellent game, building a huge stone house full of people. This time I put more effort to animals, yet had to spend a bit too much time worrying about food. Tough, tough, but that’s the way I like it…

Kuhhandel box

Agriculture is fun, so we traded horses. Kuhhandel, that is. For some strange reason the folks I played this with last week weren’t interested… I got a tablefull of players anyway, so off we went. This time I tried a faster variant, auctioning two animals instead of one. That worked well and squeezed, what, 10-15 minutes off. Once again the horses proved victorious, though I only lost by 30 points with my three sets.

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