Verflixxt! with expansions

Verflixxt box

Last night we were watching Nightwish (they were excellent!) while Nooa was with his grandparents. It was his first night away from us, but apparently everything went well… Can’t wait to see him, in half an hour or so! I miss him already quite a bit.

Anyhow, since we didn’t have time for a movie we were supposed to watch, we played a game of our old favourite Verflixxt!. I had bought both of the expansions in our recent order, so we used bits of both. They have few separate parts that can be combined in different ways.

The basic idea of Verflixxt is simple: a track is made of tiles with various scores from -10 to +8. Players move three pawns on the track by rolling a die. Whenever you leave a tile with nobody else remaining on it, you take it. In the end, sum of your tiles is your score. There are also neutral pieces that can be moved whenever someone’s standing on the same tile with them.

From Verflixxt nochmal we used Flixxy and the Verflixxt tiles. Flixxy is a bird that moves on the board: there’s a second die which tells whether you must, may or may not move Flixxy. When you move it, it’s like your own pawn, so you take all the tiles it leaves and so on. When Flixxy moves to the end of track, it returns back to the start and the mover scores points. Simple, yet entertaining.

Verflixxt tiles are mixed in the track. When you leave a Verflixxt tile, it remains on the board. Instead of taking it, you must give the last tile you took to the player on your left. That’s, of course, either good or bad, depending on the tile.

There are also worm tiles: you get one when you take a negative tile. They can be used to gain special abilities, like double turns or moving someone else’s pawn.

Nooa with Verflixxt nochmal

From Verflixxt hoch2, we took hats and risk tiles. There’s a happy hat and a cursed cap — they are soft rings that can be put on the pawns to make them look absolutely cute. Happy hat is worth 10 points — the happy hat pawn must exit the track last of your pawns. Cursed cap is worth -10 points, but the pawn with the cap can move backwards. Whenever two pawns meet, hats can be given, taken or swapped.

Risk tiles are either positive or negative tiles, depending on how many you have in the end: collect odd number of them and they’re bad, but if you have an even number, they’re good. Collecting or avoiding them gives a nice extra touch to the game.

We also used special points awarded for reaching the finish tile on an exact roll. That’s harmless and nice. We didn’t use movement cards which replace the die — you get two at the time and can use them to move. I’m not sure how they work with Flixxy, and I rather like the die, actually. I’ll have to try them some time, but they’re not my favourite part of this expansion (the hats are the best bit, obviously!).

It was fun, all of those expansion bits worked really well and definitely improved the game. There were more possibilities and more fun. I think both expansions are really brilliant and perfect examples of what expansions can do. I don’t think I’ll ever play standard Verflixxt! again if I have a choice. This set — Flixxy, Verflixxt tiles, risk tiles, hats, exact finish points — is a pretty good standard set, not too complicated but lots of fun and excitement.

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