My card game book

I just took a look at the final layout of my card game book. Now I only need to do the index and make the last check for mistakes, and it’s done. The book goes to the printers about week from now. It’s gorgeous — most of the card game books I’ve seen are pretty bland, but not this one.

The publisher decided to make it a large hardcover to avoid making it hundreds of pages long (the manuscript was bit on the long side). Now it’s packed full of text and 240 pages. Also, it’s pretty expensive, so it has to be hardcover to justify the price (of course it being a hardcover is one reason why it’s expensive, but I’m sure there’s some logic to all this). It gets better: I was hoping for few colour pages to show off some beautiful cards, but they’ll print the whole book in four colours. So, there’s plenty of colour all around.

The layout is very beautiful, Tarja Kettunen from BTJ did wonders on it. The book is — of course — red and black all over. I really, really like it. I’m quite proud of it, actually, as I think it’s much better than my first book, and I’m very glad to see it treated this well by the publisher.

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