The International Playing-Card Society

I joined The International Playing-Card Society recently. I have little interest in participating the activities, but I was curious about Playing-Card, their journal. I received the three back issues of this subscription season yesterday and I’d say they’re worth the money. I mean, I haven’t subscribed to Counter, because I can read board game stuff online more than enough. However, The Playing-Card has material that isn’t as easily available online.

There’s tarot reviews in each issue. One of them pointed me to Tarot History, which is a web site about French Marseille tarot. They’ve recently published a beautiful new edition of Jean Noblet’s Marseille tarot pack from 1650. It looks really great: it has the original line drawings and new, bright and beautiful colours. You can get a hand-made edition of the trumps as well (there are neat pictures of the colouring process).

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