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  • Lighter games and Tarock

    With my regular Wednesday games cancelled thanks to Johanna’s plans, I had to come up with something else. A friend has a game day every Monday, so I went and checked out that party. It was good, so maybe I’ll join them again some other time. We had planned some Tarock, but were missing few […]

  • Thursday session: Preference, Metropolys, Tarok, Dolmengötter

    Another excellent game session this week! When I arrived, PitchCar sessions were over and people were choosing the next games. Hannu quickly got me and Gargoyle to join him in a game of Preference. Gargoyle was a newbie to this game, but he’s no stranger to traditional card games so he learnt quickly. It sure […]

  • Playing-card review 6: Piatnik Tarocks

    Piatnik makes some very beautiful 54-card Austrian-style Tarock packs with French suits . The first of my playing-card reviews covered one of them; here are the rest. Start with that review, because the packs are actually all exactly the same on the front. What differs is the back and the presentation. Two of the packs […]

  • Return to Scotland: 1825 Unit 3

    I organized another train game session at the local library. Once again, only Olli was able and willing to join me, so it was again time for 1825 Unit 3 (I know we could’ve played Unit 2 as well, but I thought having another go at Unit 3 was better). Our previous game is documented […]

  • Thursday session: Modern Art, Glory to Rome

    Yesterday’s games started with a three-player Modern Art with Petri and Hannu. This was our first game with the new Finnish edition. It’s gorgeous, and I’m glad to report it works well. Pretty much the only problem is the small size of the screens: they tip over and can’t cover a huge pile of money. […]

  • Thursday session: Thief of Baghdad, Strohmann-Tarock

    I arrived in a bad time this week: two games had just started. I sat watching and discussing playing cards with Hannu (he had bought a rather entertaining German pack of cards, it’s a reproduction of 19th century Saxony pack or something like that, very funny). It turned out their Arkadia was moving slowly, so […]

  • Playing-card review 2: Modiano Tarocco Siciliano, Noblet Tarot de Marseille

    This time I’m taking a look at some Tarot packs that are perhaps better suited for enjoyment as art, not as playing-cards. Modiano Tarocco Siciliano. The first thing one notices is the small size. The cards are as wide as typical Bridge cards, but even shorter. Thus, they are a lot smaller than Tarot cards […]

  • Playing-card review 1: Piatnik 1935, Carta Mundi Versailles

    As a new feature I’m going to review playing-cards. There are quite a few different packs available and finding information about them is hard. So, here’s something and more to come, especially if I get any encouragement. Piatnik Tarock 54 Blatt Nr. 1935. This is an Austrian-style 54-card Tarock pack. That is, 22 trumps and […]

  • The International Playing-Card Society

    I joined The International Playing-Card Society recently. I have little interest in participating the activities, but I was curious about Playing-Card, their journal. I received the three back issues of this subscription season yesterday and I’d say they’re worth the money. I mean, I haven’t subscribed to Counter, because I can read board game stuff […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Tarot

    Thanks to series of unexpected delays, I waited and waited for my copy of Wabash Cannonball. Apparently there were problems in just about every part of proceedings. Well, the game did arrive last Wednesday, just in time for our Thursday games. I don’t mind the delays now that I have the game, so thanks JC, […]