Lazyweb translation request

I’m doing a translation here and got stumped by a word. Are there any Germans reading this blog? If someone could help me translate “sofortlosspieler, I would be most grateful. I understand the parts of the word, but can’t figure out what it actually means as a whole.

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2 responses to “Lazyweb translation request”

  1. I’m not German, but I guess it means something like ‘Letsjustplayplayer’, i.e. somebody who’d rather just jump into the game and figure out the rules while playing, instead of having to listen to a boring rules explanation first.

  2. Thanks, that’s pretty much what I eventually figured it out to be, so I suppose since we agree we’re right =) It’s one of those nice German words that are really concise and straight-to-the-point and therefore very difficult to translate, especially if you need a short translation…