Finnish Game of the Year awards

Finnish Game of the Year (“Vuoden peli”) awards have been given. The finalists were chosen August 5th and the winners the next day, but for some reason both weren’t published until today. Bizarre.

Dominion box

The adult game category was won by the official prize winner of the season, Dominion. The finalists were Pandemic and Stone Age. All three are published in Finland by

The family game category went to Zack & Pack. It’s my translation, so I score something this year too. Finalists were Epäillyt (by Competo, as is the winner) and Livingstone by

The best children’s game was Quoridor Kid, another game. Finalists were Moomin Alias by Tactic and World of Cars: Race O’Rama, about which I know absolutely nothing.

In Finnish, you can read Vuoden peli 2009 -voittajat.

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