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I added a list of the most popular posts in the sidebar. It lists the most-viewed posts for the last 60 days. Looks like the playing card review articles enjoy constant popularity. There are couple of other favourite posts, but those are the most popular.

Funny enough, while looking at the Google keyword hits from the last couple of months, the most popular keyword phrase hitting those articles is “schafkopf tarock” with six hits. Those articles attract a really wide array of long tail searches. I don’t think it’s a huge surprise, as the topic is somewhat interesting and fairly lightly covered in the web. The articles also attract Google image searches, thanks to the scanned images of cards.

Looks like I should do more of them. I’ve been busy with card games, actually, since I did the book and recently I’ve been doing the companion web site for the book. The site will have card game rules and information, articles on playing cards and a small web store for unusual playing cards (Piatnik cards). It’ll be interesting to see how popular the site’ll turn out.

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