Helcon expectations

This weekend it’s Helcon time again, the best con in Finland. This year it’ll be something new, as the con has moved from its previous location to a much bigger venue. Before it has filled the house to capacity (~100) without much advertising, I wonder how it’ll turn out this year. There are some publisher exhibitors and whatnot, too. Expect a report next week.

I’m looking forward to giving Eclipse a go. This is a space epic game from Touko Tahkokallio (designer of Politix, Aether and Arvuutin) and Sampo Sikiö (a graphic designer extraordinaire). It’s kind of euro game, but in epic scale and with combat involved. Should be interesting.

I just read the rules (sorry, they’re not publicly available yet) and have little to complain about — the game seems mechanically very solid. I will be reporting how the game works (which might be why Sampo invited me to try the game in Helcon already few months ago).

Eclipse logoIn other Helcon expectations, I’m really looking forward to playing String Railway and finally giving Die Neue Heimat a go.

(The previous Helcon expectations post from six years is kind of funny. And yes, once again I’m hauling a huge load of games to Helcon, but fortunately I’m nowadays affluent enough to drive a car. Actually, since I’m not a student anymore, I can’t afford the train.)

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