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  • International business: Greed and Acquire

    Two weeks ago we played Greed, incorporated. This is a Splotter game that came out in 2009. I’ve played it once before in 2010, then it languished unplayed for two years… But finally we got to play it again. Again, it was a blast. This is one of the most entertaining games I know, few […]

  • Neue Heimat

    Yesterday I finally got Neue Heimat on table in our game group. It’s been a while since I bought it. We played a full game of three rounds. Despite the extra length, I think that is pretty much the only way to play. I tried the one-round game in Helcon, and it’s easy to tell […]

  • Gaming Year 2010

    Gaming year 2009 wasn’t terrific, but 2010 was. By numbers alone, I played a lot more games than last year. However, the biggest reason 2010 will go down in history as a good board game year was Nooa. I played well over hundred games with Nooa — actually, I played with Nooa about as much […]

  • Helcon 2010: The Rest

    The first part covered Eclipse. Now, the rest. This year choosing what to play wasn’t difficult. Oskari had a list of games from my collection he wanted to try, I wanted to play those games as well so that’s what we did. String Railway was the obvious starter. I ended up playing the game twice. […]

  • Helcon expectations

    This weekend it’s Helcon time again, the best con in Finland. This year it’ll be something new, as the con has moved from its previous location to a much bigger venue. Before it has filled the house to capacity (~100) without much advertising, I wonder how it’ll turn out this year. There are some publisher […]