Sharkbait, in the Japanese style

I’m playing 1889 by email with Scott “redracecar” Petersen, Breno K. and jimb. Not that I’m scared, or anything…

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5 responses to “Sharkbait, in the Japanese style”

  1. Thanks Mikko. It’s what I supposed. We use Rails as well to play by email. But we do not use Dropbox… Maybe we should consider it…

    Thanks again. Kiitoksia paljon.

  2. Dropbox makes moving files very easy, and is generally a very useful tool to have. I noticed you got an account, thanks for the extra 250 megabytes that got me =)

  3. Ole hyvä. I’ll talk to my 18XX mates about Dropbox and maybe we start using it.

    BTW, I’m not an expert player, but if you ever need another player in any of your games, contact me, maybe I can join you and play internationally.

    Thanks again.