Weekend games: 7 Wonders, Finca, Dominion, Samarkand

Another weekend in Jyväskylä, more classics. The photos are still in the camera, so I’ll probably have to do a follow-up post with the pictures.7 Wonders cover

  • 7 Wonders. Five games, won four. Highlight was the round, when I collected 7 points in all categories, except one – and that was science with whopping 62 points (16+16+9+21). Fun, but I’ve now had enough 7 Wonders for a while now. The three-player game is good, but the card pool is very shallow.
  • Finca. Couple of two-player games. Finca is very good with just two players. Controlled, but not too chess-like. I like it.
  • Dominion. Two Seaside-heavy games, because that’s the only expansion here. Next time I should probably buy them a copy of Prosperity, because I’d like to play with those cards… First game saw extensive use of Caravans and Treasure Chamber. The latter is one of my favourite cards, pretty much a must-buy for me. In the second game I had a really slow start, but when my Pirate Ships were raking in seven money every time, winning the game was easy. My opponents weren’t quite fast enough.
  • Samarkand. I’ll probably have to up my rating to 10. This is just so damn good. We played three games, everybody won once. Nice. The three-player game isn’t optimal, but it’s good. The 10-card hand is too much. You start with two cards, join three families, that’s 11 cards – you only need to discard one card. Compare that to the four-player game, where you have a limit of 7, join two or three families and must discard 1-4 cards. Still, great fun, even with three players. There really aren’t many games this good.

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