Poseidon, second game

Poseidon cover

Oops, I was about to write about my recent games, then I got shocked I hadn’t posted anything about our Poseidon game and then I noticed I had an unpublished draft about it… Well, two weeks late, better that than never, I suppose…

I played another game of Poseidon this week (see the first game here). Tuomo from the previous game joined in and my brother was very nice to play, too, as he’s not very keen on something like this.

I started strong and everybody was sure I’d win. Well, I didn’t, I lost, badly. Ville had a strong lead in the end, thanks to his money-making system. He had over ten merchants from Sparta. It was started cheap, so it didn’t get very far on the prestige chart, but it paid nice dividends and even smaller dividends are good if you have more than ten merchants…

I played a too clever game, focusing more on getting the E boats in play than doing well, I guess… But it was fun and again played fast enough, it tooks about two hours to finish the game. Not bad. I think I prefer the game with four players, but the three-player game wasn’t bad.

Ville and Tuomo play Poseidon

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