Gameblog on Google+

I’ve got lots of board game geeks in my Google+ circles. I’ve been posting board game notes there, mostly quick thoughts of what I’ve played. Those notes appear much faster and more reliably than what I post here.

I’ve run into a limitation with Google+: I don’t mind sharing those notes in public, yet I want to keep them in a board game circle. Now, finally there’s a solution, which I learnt from Matthew Gray: I’ve started a public page for this blog. From now on, I’ll post my board game notes on G+ to that page, which everybody can follow. It’ll be my publicly followable board game circle!

So, I’m not going to dump this blog and I’ll keep on blogging here, but if you want more, go follow the blog on Google+ (Google+ is full of interesting board game folks anyway, in case you don’t already have a profile).

Mikko’s Gameblog on G+

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