Hope you like this blog — I just renewed the domain for another five years. It’s ten years next year…

I’ve enjoyed the blog myself, every now and then there’s a reason to dig through the archives. I played Hollywood Blockbuster (aka Dream Factory, aka Traumfabrik, aka Fabrik der Träume, aka Hollywood) last Sunday, my game stats told me I had played the game once in 2002 and again in 2003.

But where? Quick search in this blog told me: FinDipCon V. It also told me other games I had played that day, brought back a bunch of memories (like playing Citadels with William Attia, who was just a French Diplomacy player back then).

FinDipCon IV, where I played Traumfabrik for the first time, is unfortunately older than this blog, so there’s no records about it.

FinDipCon II, back in 2000, was my first board game con. Oh, the memories. Next weekend is Lautapelaamaan, aka the tenth Helcon. Helcon, by the way, is completely covered in this blog, as the first one was in 2002 after this blog was started, and I’ve never missed one.

Like the last year, I’m playing Eclipse with the designers of the game. I’m expecting being crushed, again. Should be fun. Looking forward to Eminent Domain, King of Tokyo and who knows what — should be a good day of gaming, and then a nice night in a hotel nearby. That’s a nice change, by the way, as Helcon 2005 was the last time I was able to do an overnight visit (my wife was pregnant with our son in 2005, which explains the change). Now I’m sharing a hotel room with my brother.

Here I am, lost in memories — but that’s ok now, as I’m over 30 and have blogged for almost ten years now.

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4 responses to “Renewed”

  1. I didn’t realize you were in the blogging business for so long! I discovered your blog some years ago. As a train gamer myself I am a steady reader of your interesting articles. All the best for the next five years!
    Michiel from the Netherlands