Spass – iOS App review

SpassI got a review copy of Spass – Score Cards with Lots of Cowbell. Despite the odd name, it’s actually a fairly basic tool, a score-keeping app for iOS.

Now that’s an useful app. I’ve been using Basic Score Keeper – Free, which is pretty good, but I have to admit Spass looks better and, well, has more cowbell.

The interface is slick, but a bit shrouded in mystery. Once you figure it out, it’s easy to use. You see a score card and can adjust the score – add, subtract, change – then a swipe of a finger shows you the next player (and you can adjust the order of players). Swiping a finger up on the card flips it over to show the score history, and there’s also a button to mark the player as the winner on the reverse side of the card, finishing the game.

The app also keeps records. You can see history data per player and per game. These are pretty cool features.

So, for now I’m using Spass as my main score keeper. One caveat though – I’ve used the app just couple of times so far, and it has crashed once during a game, losing all scores with it. That’s not cool, and if that happens again, I’m switching back to Basic Score Keeper. There are also some mildly annoying UI issues, particularly the non-capitalization of names, but the developer already promised to address those.

For screen shots and more information, see Spass home page.

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