A second small update

Continuing clearing out the backlog of games played.

  • 1817Das kleine Gespenst is a funny little memory game. My son is almost invincible in this, particularly since we ditched the “roll the cannonballs in holes” bit and just play until somebody is able to clear out the whole board. Doesn’t take long… My son’s very good in this, I’ve only won this one once. Suggest.
  • Bezzerwizzer Mini is a tiny little trivia game. The catch is that after you answer four questions, you must score your answers 1, 2, 3 and 4, and that’s how many points you’ll get if you’re correct. If you’re the only one to answer correctly, you’ll get double points. That’s one game, and it takes about five minutes. Very simple and rather entertaining. Suggest.
  • Fleeting Foxes is a fun roll-and-move from Haba, where the trick is that you roll dice one at the time for each player and must assign the results to players as you roll them. Do you keep the 4 for yourself or will you roll 5 or 6 on a later roll? Simple, looks cute, and works with small children. Suggest.
  • Kids of Catan has hardly any game in it, but my daughter still likes it quite a bit. Suggest, for now, but as soon my daughter is old enough, this’ll be gone.
  • Schnäppchen Jagd got more play, and I still like it quite a bit. It’s a good, quirky trick-taker for three players. Suggest.
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue is one of the best co-ops I’ve played. The way the fire spreads and disaster looms is great. This was a very entertaining game. I wouldn’t mind owning a copy myself. Suggest.
  • Plato 3000 is a simple rummy game that I got with the new Glory to Rome. It’s decent, quite harmless, but well, why play it when you could be playing the more interesting Mystery Rummy: Jack the RipperIndifferent.

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