Rise of the Fellowship

Here are some essential notes of the games played between 19.4. and 15.5.2013. Enjoy.

  • Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Deck-building Game has been the biggest hit recently. I saw a session report on Google+, got interested and decided to buy the game. The fact that my son is a huge Lord of the Rings fan had a lot to do with that, of course. I had to translate the game in Finnish for him, but that was not a big deal, just couple of hours of work. It paid off, as my son loves the game. It has influenced him a lot – his own game ideas used to be based on Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation before, now they are deck-building games… I like the game as well. It’s fairly simple and heavily luck-prone, but somehow lots of fun. (Also, I’ve won five out of seven games, so lucky schmucky.) Suggest, likely Enthusiastic sooner or later.
  • Kings of Air and Steam was good with six players. That’s nice. Using the special powers sides of the player boards was good, too. Seems quite ok, but I’m still not sure if this is a keeper or not. Suggest.
  • Wabash Cannonball. Our previous game of this gem was back in 2009. Four years ago! It was about time to get the classic back on table. It is still an excellent game. The Nickel Plate expansion seemed somewhat pointless. Suggest.

Wabash Cannonball Six airships in Kings of Air and Steam Building tracks in Germany: Preußische Ostbahn Coup'd

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