EuroRails and Terra Mystica

Finally some EuroRails! I’ve been wanting to play this game for quite a while now, but it’s not very good choice for our game group. We have limited time, so a four-player game at an hour per player just won’t do. Having less than four players is rare, and having more than five so could split in two tables is also rare.
Yesterday there were only two of us, and it was EuroRails time! My opponent got a better start; I did build a nice little Eastern European rail network, but the loads I got were of low value. In the end I got a bunch of not-so-good cards and instead of doing the right thing to swap them (which my opponent did several times during the game), I decided to build into Scandinavia.

Yeah, I know. Not a spectacular move, even though delivering those three loads paid 93. I had to spend about 60 to get there, though =)

Lovely game, and it took us only about 90 minutes to play, without any speeding rules (so no faster trains or increased money at startup). Only modification was to ditch the event cards, which just seem pointless to me. Suggest

My opponent is a big fan of Terra Mystica and has carried it around a lot. We haven’t played it, though, so I thought it polite to play a game, even though it’s far from being a favourite of mine. It was still interesting to try the game in the real life, instead of Juho Snellman’s moderator. The graphic design is pretty good, for such a complicated game.

But I still don’t like it. The scarcity of the resources rubs me the wrong way… Indifferent

It has been seven years from my previous game of Lost Cities. It was fun to get back to this old classic, and I even managed to win two out of three round. This is one of the few games I’ve played more than hundred times, and I still like it. Suggest

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