1000 ratings!

Board games, after a long break! The goal for the day was clear: reach 1000 BGG ratings. 

1000 BGG ratings
1000 BGG ratings!

Red is a new mini game from Carl Chudyk and Chris Cieslik. Play a card and/or change the goal. Only requirement? You need to be winning after your move, otherwise it’s game over for you. Fun little filler. Suggest

Pick-a-Pig was familiar: I’ve played Formissimo, which is the original version. This one’s cuter. My kind of game, I quite liked it and managed to win, despite failing two rounds. Suggest

Tutanchamon, a Reiner Knizia game from 1993 got the honour of being the 1000th rating. Not bad, but I’m annoyed for losing to a king-maker move. Bunte Runde is the better version of the same idea. Indifferent

Irish Gauge is from the latest Winsome set. Seemed a bit daft at first, but there’s a game in there, and it’s somewhat interesting. A B level Winsome. Suggest

Ark of the Covenant was a surprise. Wife of one of the guys was browsing a thrift store and sent photos of games to him. I saw the Ark for 5 euros and took it, and she delivered it right away. My friend got Himalaya for couple of euros. What’s even better, inside the Ark box, I found a cheap Indian Ludo/Snakes pocket game, Knatsch and a mass-market Narnia game. Sweet.

Ark is quite good, too, a solid Carcassonne variant with good ideas and special rules. Suggest

Morels is a two-player card game about mushroom collecting. Pretty nice, a mellow set-building game. Suggest.

Thrift loot
I found these inside a thrifted Ark of the Covenant box!

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