August 2015 new and noteworthy

The biggest new thing in August was that I started videoblogging. I decided that’s something I should know how to do, so I tried it. It turned out to be fun, so I’ll be doing it for now – I thought maybe I’ll do 100 videos and then take a look at the situation.

I’ll do board game videos and book reviews, both in Finnish, as both are in fairly short supply on Youtube in Finnish. Board game video channel is here, book video channel is here.

I missed most of the weekly game sessions in August, so it wasn’t the best of months.

Sushi Go! is a drafting filler with cute art. I wanted to give it a go, so I got it from the BGG marketplace – for some reason the game is just not available in Finland. I don’t think you could do a drafting game that’s more simple than this and still interesting. Works well with the kids, it’s nice to introduce them to a new game mechanism (though my son has played Notre Dame before, which has drafting). Suggest.

Sushi Go! is a fun drafting game for the whole family. #boardgame #boardgames

Kuva, jonka Mikko Saari (@mikkosaari) julkaisi

Robogem is designed to teach children programming. It’s a very simple programming game, the basic mode has just three commands: move forward, turn left, turn right. Advanced game adds functions, which make it slightly more interesting. In the end, however, whoever draws the most move cards wins. But the process is fine, this is an interesting way to learn the very basics of programming. Indifferent as a game.

Playing Robogem, a new programming game for kids. #boardgames #boardgame

Kuva, jonka Mikko Saari (@mikkosaari) julkaisi

Survive: Escape from the Atlantis made it on the list on the last day of August. The game was recently released in Finnish as Atlantis. I had never played it before. This game, by the way, got the honour of being my 1000th rating excluding expansions. It’s a fun game, with good production values. Suggest.

Remnants of Atlantis. #boardgame #boardgames

Kuva, jonka Mikko Saari (@mikkosaari) julkaisi

Impulse. I’ve owned this just about as long as it’s been out, but I only managed my second game. Once again, it was a total pain to teach. I’ve now taught it twice, and I think I’ve had enough. The game is interesting, but I feel it’s just not worth the effort required to teach it. That’s a shame, but with so many games to play, good games that are too hard to play just can’t make the cut. Innovation, for example, is just so much easier to teach. (Glory to Rome seems to fall a bit in the Impulse camp as well; I haven’t played it much even though it’s a good game). Indifferent.

Impulse, a true Carl Chudyk game. Weird as heck. #boardgame #boardgames

Kuva, jonka Mikko Saari (@mikkosaari) julkaisi

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