Mono Green Aggro Stomp

The Questing Beast

Since I’m playing lots of Magic: The Gathering on Arena these days, why not post a few words about the game. I’ll post some of the decks I play. If you want to be my friend on Arena, I’m Hutilointia there.

This has been my go-to deck. It started as the preconstructed green deck provided by the game, but has evolved a lot since. It’s a solid deck, I used this to reach Mythic.

Format: Standard (2021)

Deck list


3 Gilded Goose (ELD)
4 Scavenging Ooze (M21)
3 Gigantosaurus (ANB)
4 Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig (ELD)
4 Questing Beast (ELD)
4 Gemrazer (IKO)
3 Ilysian Caryatid (ANB)

Instants, sorceries, enchantments, artifacts

4 Ram Through (IKO)
2 Garruk’s Uprising (M21)
1 The Great Henge (ELD)
1 Klothys’s Design (THB)


3 Garruk, Unleashed (M21)
1 Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate (IKO)


1 Castle Garenbrig (ELD)
22 Forest (M21)

Notes on play

This is a fast aggro deck. In initial draw, aim for turn two Yorvo, turn three Questing Beast, turn four Gigantosaurus. The number of lands is rarely crucial, this deck can do rather well with just three or four lands in play. Ilysian Caryatid providing two mana is sweet.

This deck also has long-term legs. I’ve sometimes survived three table wipes. Really quick decks are usually more of a problem than long-range decks.

Klothy’s Design is something I’m testing at the moment. I haven’t used it yet; it’s a bit expensive, but promising. It can be rather lethal at the right moment and it feels like a card that could break stalemates well.

Vivien isn’t as good as Garruk here. Her +1 is fine, nothing wrong in spamming the board with 3/3 beasts and in theory being able to play monsters from the top of deck is good. Her -2 is not as good here as it could be. I’m considering swapping her for fourth Garruk, or giving Rampaging Brontodon a go.

Stuff I’ve tried

Hydra’s Growth and Invigorating Surge seemed like fun ideas, especially on Yorvo, but weren’t good enough.

Renata, Called to the Hunt can be powerful, but the 3 toughness is impractical.

Beanstalk Giants are too slow and expensive.

Nessian Hornbeetles used to be my basic 2-drop, but I’ve replaced them with Scavenging Oozes. Being able to eat nasties from the opponent’s graveyard is better than gaining a +1/+1 every turn, I guess.

Arena Import

Here’s the whole list for Arena import:

3 Gilded Goose (ELD) 160
3 Garruk, Unleashed (M21) 183
2 Garruk’s Uprising (M21) 186
4 Scavenging Ooze (M21) 204
4 Ram Through (IKO) 170
3 Gigantosaurus (ANB) 96
22 Forest (M21) 274
4 Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig (ELD) 185
1 Castle Garenbrig (ELD) 240
4 Questing Beast (ELD) 171
4 Gemrazer (IKO) 155
1 The Great Henge (ELD) 161
3 Ilysian Caryatid (ANB) 98
1 Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate (IKO) 175
1 Klothys’s Design (THB) 176

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