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  • Slices of the colour pie

    Slices of the colour pie

    I was wondering: which are my favourite colours and colour combinations in Magic: The Gathering? Mono-colour decks My favourite mono-colour deck is crystal clear: green. The basic archetype of creature-based aggression works for me, and this is one of my most successful archetypes. It’s fun to play. Mono blue is my least favourite single-colour deck. […]

  • Mythic Boros Aggro, now with Alchemy

    Mythic Boros Aggro, now with Alchemy

    Last month I made it to Mythic on Magic: The Gathering Arena with a Boros Aggro deck. Well, that deck still works, as this month, I repeated the achievement (my sixth Mythic rating). However, I used an Alchemy variant of the deck for some variety this time. As before, the deck is from DoggertQBones, who […]

  • Mythic Boros Aggro

    Mythic Boros Aggro

    This is the fifth time I reached Mythic in Magic: The Gathering Arena. This time I did it with a new deck type: I was running the currently very popular Boros Aggro deck. Boros Legion is a guild from Ravnica and has given the name for red and white decks in Magic. Here’s the deck […]

  • Mono White Mythic

    I made it to the Mythic rank, the best rank in Magic: The Gathering Arena. I’ve reached Mythic twice before: two months in a row last year when I started playing Magic online, and again last May. Earlier I’ve always made it to Mythic with a Mono Green Aggro deck (2021 variant, 2020 variant), but […]

  • Mono Green Aggro (2021)

    Mono Green Aggro (2021)

    I’m back running a mono green aggro deck. I had a really good run with another variant on this theme back in Fall 2020, when I made it to Mythic two months in a row. I haven’t seen Mythic since. I wanted to give green aggro a go, and found this deck online. I’ve been […]

  • Mono Black Tergrid Discard

    Mono Black Tergrid Discard

    The Kaldheim set introduced in February 2021 added some interesting cards to Magic: the Gathering, and one of them inspired me to create a deck. The deck turned out to be decent enough, fun to play and probably quite frustrating for opponents. The key card here is Tergrid, God of Fright, one of the new […]

  • Mono Black Peer into the Abyss

    Mono Black Peer into the Abyss

    I got beaten by the key combo of this deck and thought this might be a fun deck to play. Alternative win conditions are fun. Well, alternative – this deck certainly kills the opponent by wasting all life, it’s just that it’s mostly done at once, and it doesn’t really matter how much life the […]

  • Mono Green Aggro Stomp

    Mono Green Aggro Stomp

    Since I’m playing lots of Magic: The Gathering on Arena these days, why not post a few words about the game. I’ll post some of the decks I play. If you want to be my friend on Arena, I’m Hutilointia there. This has been my go-to deck. It started as the preconstructed green deck provided […]