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Thundering Raiju

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This is the fifth time I reached Mythic in Magic: The Gathering Arena. This time I did it with a new deck type: I was running the currently very popular Boros Aggro deck. Boros Legion is a guild from Ravnica and has given the name for red and white decks in Magic.

Here’s the deck list:


4 Hopeful Initiate
4 Luminarch Aspirant
4 Bloodthirsty Adversary
4 Sunrise Cavalier
3 Brutal Cathar
4 Thundering Raiju

Instants, sorceries and enchantments

4 Play with Fire
4 Kumano Faces Kakkazan
4 Roil Eruption
1 Valorous Stance
1 Angelfire Ignition


6 Mountain
8 Plains
4 Needleverge Pathway
3 Den of the Bugbear
2 Furycalm Snarl

Funny enough, the deck is from after Streets of New Capenna came out, but has nothing from it. It does have several critical cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

It’s from this decklist by DoggertQBones. My only change to the deck is to replace one Brutal Cathar with Angelfire Ignition. Brutal Cathars are great but somewhat fragile, and Angelfire Ignition is such a game-changer when it hits at the right time.

All in all, this is a great deck. Given a good start, it can be an unstoppable monster by round three. Try to stop the creatures, and it’ll hit you with a Roil Eruption or two. It’s best when the matches are quick and lethal, but has some tricks to survive a longer match.

Boros Aggro deck layout

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