Category: Reviews

  • Carcassonne: Safari

    The game: Carcassonne: Safari by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. The game was published by Hans im Glück in 2018. My copy is on loan from the Finnish publisher I’m going to assume the reader is familiar with the basic Carcassonne. Elevator pitch: A Carcassonne game set in the African savannah, where the scoring is not based on counting the […]

  • Dale of Merchants Collection preview

    The game: Dale of Merchants Collection by Sami Laakso. The game is currently in Kickstarter and will be published by Snowdale Design in 2019. I got a preview copy on loan from Sami for a moment. I have backed the game with my own money. Elevator pitch: A big box to house your Dale of Merchants collection, […]

  • Who Did It?

    The game: Who Did It? by Jonathan Favre-Godal. The game was published by Blue Orange in 2018. My copy is a review copy from the Finnish publisher Elevator pitch: A combination of memory and reaction speed, Who Did It? is a silly game of avoiding poop tokens for children and childish adults. What’s in the […]

  • Patchwork Express

    The game: Patchwork Express by Uwe Rosenberg. The game was published by Lookout in 2018. My copy is a review copy from Asmodee Nordics. Elevator pitch: A simplified, easier to approach, faster version of the loved two-player game Patchwork, making the game more suitable for both children and elders, thanks to larger pieces and simplified game play. […]

  • Da ist der Wurm drin

    The game: Da ist der Wurm drin by Carmen Kleinert. The game was published by Zoch in 2011 and won the Kinderspiel des Jahres the same year. My copy is a translator’s copy, I did the translation for the Finnish Mato mato edition by Competo. Elevator pitch: A worm race, where players roll dice to make their […]

  • Solarius Mission

    The game: Solarius Mission by Michael Keller and Andreas Odendahl. The game was published by Spielworxx in 2016 and is currently on Kickstarter by Flying Lemur Game Studios in new and improved edition. I own the first Spielworxx edition. Elevator pitch: A 3X space adventure: explore, expand and exploit your way to victory in a game of […]

  • The Mind

    The game: The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch. The game is published by NSV in 2018. I do not actually have this game at all, yet. I’ve bought a copy now and will get it soon. Elevator pitch: The much-hyped co-op game of playing cards in the correct order without speaking. The game that is so much more […]

  • Shards of Infinity

    I’ve bought a copy of this game myself. The game: Shards of Infinity by Gary Arant and Justin Gary. The game is published by Ultra Pro in 2018. Elevator pitch: A dueling deck-builder from the makers of Ascension, Shards of Infinity is Star Realms with couple of new twists. What’s in the box? Fairly small box features bunch of cards […]

  • Darwin’s Choice

    I received a review copy from the publisher. No money changed hands. My copy is a pre-release preview copy, and may differ from what is actually published. The game: Darwin’s Choice by Marc Dür, Samuel Luterbacher and Elio Reinschmidt. The game is presented in Kickstarter by Treecer in 2018. Elevator pitch: This game of evolution has players mutating […]

  • For-Ex

    I’ve bought For-Ex with my own money. The game: For-Ex by Tom Russell, published by Hollandspiele in 2017. Elevator pitch: This is a game of foreign exchange trading: players trade seven different currencies, trying to make profit with future trading. What’s in the box? The flat box contains a currency rate board, lots of laser cut chits, card […]