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  • Winning 1856

    We just finished a six-player game of 1856, played with Rails. It was interesting and not least because I won the game. I had to do some analysis to figure out why I won… Here’s a spreadsheet of player net worth throughout the game. I was steadily in the competition throughout the game, I never […]

  • Through the Ages and 18xx

    I’ve been playing some Through the Ages recently on Boardgaming Online. Turns out it’s one of those games I like less the more I play. The way the civilizations are built and everything is abstracted I still consider brilliant, but I’m getting more and more frustrated in the military aspects of the game. It’s the […]

  • Trains, trains, trains

    I went and bought 1825 from BGG marketplace. It’s a full set, too, all three units (but none of the extra kits). Why? I don’t know, I suppose because it was there? Well, it does seem like an interesting game. I’ve read nice things about it from Geek and I think I might like the […]