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  • 1830 and 1873 over

    Finished more play-by-email 18xx games. Four-player 1830 was a disaster — well, to everybody but Kimmo, who won 2187-834-703-426 after a bankruptcy. The three of us were all close to bankruptcy, but it was Neeme who eventually pulled the trigger. He could’ve passed a train between two companies, but there’s not much point to it, […]

  • Harzbahn 1873 summary

    I studied the rules of 1873 Harzbahn. Here’s a summary I created. It’s based on the July 5th 2011 version of the rules available at the Geek. Start Auction Round first bid for first purchase right high bidder goes first, rest in the reverse order of passing high bid is Start Premium first bidder must […]