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  • Top Speed

    I wrote a review of Top Speed (in Finnish). Here’s what I wrote in Boardgamegeek: Top Speed is a brilliant little game. It’s somewhat of a sequel to Staupe’s earlier Speed, which I haven’t played. Can’t say which one is faster, but at least Top Speed is really fast. The concept is simple. Players have […]

  • Vom Kap bis Kairo

    I’ve written a review of Vom Kap bis Kairo in Finnish. English-speaking visitors can read what I wrote about the game in Boardgamegeek a year ago and compare. I think Vom Kap bis Kairo is a nice little blind bidding game. Players try to build a railroad line from Cape Town to Cairo, crossing eight […]

  • Canal Grande preview

    I played my first games of Canal Grande last weekend and here’s a quick review based on those games. First of all, I should say I’m not familiar with San Marco, so I’m not biased either way in that regard. For a start, the cards are very ugly. The backs are hideous and the pictures […]