Top Speed

I wrote a review of Top Speed (in Finnish). Here’s what I wrote in Boardgamegeek:

Top Speed is a brilliant little game. It’s somewhat of a sequel to Staupe’s earlier Speed, which I haven’t played. Can’t say which one is faster, but at least Top Speed is really fast.

The concept is simple. Players have identical small decks with cards bearing colourful symbols. Players play these cards to eight rows, trying to place the last card in each row. Each row can have each colour and symbol exactly once, so you’ll have to be pretty careful. Of course, at the same time you’ll have to be really fast to beat your opponent. Game ends, when one of the players runs out of cards, so if you’re faster than your opponent, you get an edge over him.

After the game is over, each row is checked for mistakes. If there aren’t any, the last card is turned face down so the player who played is shown (players’ decks have different backs). Each row has a score (from 1 to 5 points) that is awarded now. If there are mistakes in the row, the first mistake card is turned face down and crosswise. If the card is black, white scores this row and vice versa.

The game takes about two minutes to play. Maybe three. Understanding the Adlung English rules took much longer. Hopefully this review will make it easier for others. For it’s low price, Top Speed is an excellent catch.

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